We Design, Manufacture, Supply And Install Architectural Mouldings & Decorative Covings


The team here at Polycote Profiles are professional and efficient painters and plasterers we design, manufacture, supply and install architectural mouldings and decorative covings to bring individuality to buildings and homes alike. We also offer exterior décor to complete the look for all residential or commercial projects.

What Are Polycote Profiles?

All of the products we create are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS). EPS is the perfect building material because of its amazing versatility. It can be shaped easily, it's shock absorbing and is also an insulator.

Once carved using our simple, yet precision proven technique, your new profiles are coated in top-quality acrylic Polycote resin, creating a watertight seal.

The ease of moulding EPS means we can create any shape imaginable, making it perfect for

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We are experts in the design and manufacture of lightweight architectural mouldings. With over 25 years in the industry, we are well established with a reputation in Christchurch for producing top quality hardcote products. Our team are motivated and enthusiastic creators, dedicated to offering creative solutions and products to the people of Canterbury. 


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