Custom Made Letterboxes

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Each letterbox is carefully handcrafted with a finish to match your exterior cladding, décor or fencing. 

Various designs are available or you can choose your own design, our letterboxes are fully customisable to suit your desired look or architectural concept. 

 Pillar boxes, Fence Mounted, Parcel Trays, Lockable, Unique Shapes, Multi-slot options for apartments too.  Vintage or Modern.

Stand Out From The Crowd For Maximum Aesthetic Allure

Our mailboxes can either come as standard, combination, or fully customized from multi slots for apartment style builds, to your quirky novelty designs.

A Polycote letterbox will provide instant street appeal to your new or existing property. We can create any custom letterbox that will match the architectural concept, designs and colour of your home or office.


Standard Polycote Pillar Letterbox

A standard Polycote letterbox is created from a solid block of EPS polystyrene and coated with the Polycote+ system.

Included in this option is a choice of either a Pyramid or Mono Pitch Cap and a lockable opening at the rear. The Mono pitch cap can be rotated to suit your personal design.


Polycote Standard Letterbox : 400 x 400 x 900mm

Polycote Combo Letterbox

The Polycote Combo Letterbox allows you to chose an individual facing to match the cladding option on your home, allowing you to give your mailbox some architectural design.

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If you would like your letterbox to be fully customised we'll work with you to design something that fits you and your property.

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